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Papa Legba Gris Gris bag to open your roads to better things.


Papa Legba grisgris bag to open your roads to better things.
A Gris-Gris Bag is a type of Southern Louisiana talisman that draws on the power of magical ingredients placed inside it.
How to use your gris gris bag.
The bag has already been blessed by me and is ready to go.
All you need to do is add a personal item to the bag as a tag lock.You are also welcome to write your wish on paper and put it in the bag.When the wish comes true just burn the paper and put in a new petition.
The bag can be worn or carried in a purse or pocket, or carried in your car.Some folks like to sleep with their gris gris bag under their pillow and keep it there.
If you want to feed it to keep it’s power up from time to time you can sprinkle a bit of whiskey on it.
Enjoy your Gris Gris bag and bonne chance.
-Ugly Shyla
The bags are meant to work with the outcome the spirits see fit for you,which isn’t always what we want but is what we need to fulfill our fate in life.I am no responsible for the bags working,working too well or not working as I am merely a vessel for the spirits while making the bags,it’s all up to the spirits.