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Saint Expedite Key Necklace to Obtain Blessings from The Patron Saint Of Urgent Causes


The necklace is a key that features symbols and a medal for Saint Expedite The Patron Saint Of Urgent Causes.
It has a crow,his medal and a cross.
Measurements:The chain is 13 inches and the key is 3 x 2 inches.

The Latin cognate is clear in the English word “to expedite” — thus St. Expeditus is the patron saint of those suffering from procrastination as well as those who find themselves fighting against the time and tide that wait for no man. He’s also the patron saint of emergency medical workers for obvious reasons. He also protects merchants, programmers, navigators, sailors, students and test-takers. It’s not uncommon for him to be petitioned by those who need an expeditious result as part of a lawsuit, or by those drowning as they navigate bureaucratic morasses.

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