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Santa Muerte in Money Green by Ugly Shyla


Santa Muerte in Money Green altar doll by Ugly Shyla.The doll has a lime green face accented with metallic green paint accents.She is dressed in green with gold glitter sparkles and wears a little necklace featuring a ESP key that has opened many locks,a Santa Muerte charm and a little money charm.
The doll is about 13 inches tall.
I’m Cajun/Creole from southern Louisiana so I have been raised around voodoo and Gris Gris.
The dolls are made by me with traditional herbs,charms and stones inside them.
Please make note they have a scent due to the herbs and oils I use when making them.
Due to the handmade nature of the dolls each will be a little different.
The way to use the doll is either to talk to it or tie your petition on a piece of paper to it. 
All sales as is and no refunds.
The dolls are meant to work with the outcome the spirits see fit for you,which isn't always what we want but is what we need to fulfill our fate in life.I am no responsible for the dolls working,working too well or not working as I am merely a vessel for the spirits while making the dolls.It's all up to the spirits.

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