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Bat Soap for Uncrossing, Protection From Evil by Ugly Shyla


The soap is made with a melt and pour mango, shea and coco butter
base.Note they do NOT contain any bat parts so they are vegan, just herbs we attribute to bats in voodoo.
The soap contains herbs like, basil, black cohosh, garlic skin and rue.
In voodoo bat’s are believe to keep away evil and also uncrossing and protection,
The soap is scented with dragon’s blood and every soap comes with a bat head seed pod for you to carry to keep evil away.
They are blessed by me.The soaps are very fragrant.And as with any skin product I suggest you do a patch test with it before using it.
The soaps are 3 inches long ,a little over 2 inches wise and around a inch tall.

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