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Money Drawing Soap by Ugly Shyla


Money Drawing Soap by Ugly Shyla

The soap is made with a melt and pour mango, shea and coco butter and is green in color.It’s used to attract prosperity to you.It contains herbs known to draw money like
Chamomile ,high John,lavender, mace and other money attracting herbs,.
Each soap has a magnet in them.And the soap is Green Tea scented.
They are blessed by me.The soaps are very fragrant.And as with any skin product I suggest you do a patch test with it before using it.
The soaps are 3 inches long ,a little over 2 inches wise and around a inch tall.

The soaps are meant to work with the outcome the spirits see fit for you,which isn't always what we want but is what we need to fulfill our fate in life.I am no responsible for the dolls working,working too well or not working as I am merely a vessel for the spirits while making the soaps.It's all up to the spirits. I’m also not responsible for any allergic reaction to any of the ingredients which is why I suggest a patch test.

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